WildNet Africa Properties, an introduction.

About us

Founded in 1994, WildNet Africa Properties is a licenced Real Estate Agency that specialises in wildlife properties throughout the Southern African subcontinent.

The company principal, Craig McKenzie (B Compt. CFA) has since childhood had a deep passion for African wildlife and conservation. Having travelled extensively in the unique wilderness areas of Southern Africa, he has a very wide first hand understanding of the property types within this region.

Following formal qulaifications in 1987 as both a real Estate Agent and as a practicing accountant, Craig has subsequently gained wide experience in brokering wildlife property transactions across the African subcontinent, and has accumulated extensive knowledge of the rapidly evolving, and increasingly complex African wildlife property market.

In addition to his formal qualifications, as an investor in and director of both a large Game Reserve (45,000 hectares in extent) as well as a large Game Ranch (23,000 hectares in extent) Craig has also accumulated many years of hands on operational experience, he is therefore very well qualified to guide prospective purchasers in a practical manner through the process of deciding where, and in what form to invest in a wildlife property.


As a qualified pilot Craig flies a light aircraft, often an invaluable tool with which to view properties in the African bush. It can take days on the ground to orientate oneself with unfamiliar territory, so in addition to putting most properties within easy reach for those on a tight schedule, there are also the real benefits of obtaining an aerial perspective.

Our Strategy;

 Traditional real estate brokers typically focus on showing and selling properties in the nearby areas that are most suited and convenient to them. However at WildNet Africa properties we recognize that the wildlife property types are as diverse and unique as the people that seek to acquire them, and so our focus lies in finding the right property type for you.

 There is no other broker in Southern Africa that offers such a wide range of expreience and options for the prospective purchaser, so should your interest lie in a private landholding or in operating a commercial entity within the wildlife sector, WildNet Africa properties is here to assist in guiding you through the process by focusing on your requirements and flagging some of the not so obvious risk areas that you may encounter.

 The nature of these investments are long term and the amounts involved are significant, therefore it is critical to determine upfront what best suits the particular investors needs. There is a very wide range of wildlife property types and sizes available in Africa, we therefore begin by investing significant time in understanding your needs and objectives in order to present options that are most likely to suit your requirements.

 Our website is only a shop window. Hopefully it will provide you with an understanding of the various options that are available, however there are always more options that can be presented, our departure point is always a complete understanding of your needs and objectives.

How can we help you ?

If you are looking for a wildlife property invetsment and want well qualified, honest and reliable service, please do get in touch for a discussion on how we might assist in locating the right options for you.

Buy wildlife properties and real estate investments in Africa

Information on buying wildlife properties and real estate investments in Africa

Wildlife properties and real estate investments in South Africa are rapidly gaining popularity with both African residents and overseas investors. This is due to the impressive investment returns associated with wildlife properties and the fact that more people are finding their idyllic vision of living in the bush becoming affordable and therefore a reality.

At Wildnet Africa we make it easy for you to find properties as varied as farms for sale in Namibia to game lodges in Botswana. We guide you through the purchase process offering advice to ensure you end up with your ideal African Property.

Should you not find what you are looking for, please contact us. Not all opportunities are listed, we will do our best to find suitable options for you.

Please contact us at:
Mobile +27 82 8000 257
Email: craig@wildnetafrica.com